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GTO modules:

Part Number    
DG50R1100K-K DG50R1200K-K DG90R1100K-K
DG90R1200K-K GG50R1100 GG50R1100K
GG50R1200 GG50R1200K GG50A1200
GG90R1100 GG90R1100K GG90R1200K
G3000C45T G3000B45T G3000A45T


T388N14TOF, T388N16TOF, T388N18TOF, T508N12TOF, T508N14TOF, T508N16TOF, T508N118TOF, T509N12TOF, T509N14TOF, T509N16TOF, T509N18TOF, T588N12TOF, T588N14TOF, T588N16TOF, T588N18TOF, T589N12TOF, T589N14TOF, T589N16TOF, T589N18TOF, T618N12TOF,
T618N14TOF, T618N16TOF, T618N18TOF, T619N12TOF, T619N14TOF, T619N16TOF, T619N18TOF, T648N12TOF, T648N14TOF, T648N16TOF, T648N18TOF, T649N12TOF, T649N14TOF, T649N16TOF, T649N18TOF, T718N12TOF, T718N14TOF, T718N16TOF, T718N18TOF, T719N12TOF, T719N14TOF, T719N16TOF, T719N18TOF, T878N12TOF, T878N14TOF, T878N16TOF, T878N18TOF, T879N12TOF, T879N14TOF, T879N16TOF, T879N18TOF, T1049N12TOF, T1049N14TOF, T1049N16TOF, T1049N18TOF,
T1189N12TOF, T1189N14TOF, T1189N16TOF, T1189N18TOF, T1500N12TOF, T1500N14TOF, T1500N16TOF, T1500N18TOF, T1509N12TOF, T1509N14TOF, T1509N16TOF, T1509N18TOF, T1986N12TOF, T1986N14TOF, T1986N16TOF, T1986N18TOF, T1989N12TOF, T1989N14TOF, T1989N16TOF, T1989N18TOF, T3159N12TOF, T3159N14TOF, T3159N16TOF, T3159N18TOF, T271N20TOF, T271N22TOF, T271N24TOF, T271N25TOF, T308N20TOF, T308N22TOF, T308N24TOF, T308N26TOF, T458N20TOF, T458N22TOF, T458N24TOF, T458N26TOF, T459N20TOF, T459N22TOF, T459N24TOF, T459N26TOF, T639N18TOF, T639N20TOF, T639N22TOF, T639N24TOF, T639N26TOF, T658N20TOF, T658N22TOF, T658N24TOF, T658N26TOF,
T659N20TOF, T659N22TOF, T659N24TOF, T659N26TOF, T699N18TOF, T699N20TOF, T699N22TOF, T708N18TOF, T708N20TOF, T708N22TOF, T709N20TOF, T709N22TOF, T709N24TOF, T709N26TOF, T829N20TOF, T829N22TOF, T829N24TOF, T829N26TOF, T1039N18TOF, T1851N70TS11, T1851N70TS01, T1851N70TS, T589N18TOF, T589N16TOF, T210N02TOF, T210N06TOF, T348N02TOF, T348N04TOF, T348N06TOF, T398N02TOF, T398N06TOF, T568N02TOF, T568N04TOF, T568N06TOF, T828N02TOF, T828N04TOF, T828N06TOF, T1078N02TOF, T1078N04TOF, T1078N06TOF, T1258N02TOF, T1258N04TOF, T1258N06TOF, T2509N02TOF, T2509N04TOF, T2509N06TOF, T3709N02TOF, T3709N04TOF, T3709N06TOF,
T86N12TOF, T86N14TOF, T86N16TOF, T86N18TOF, T130N12TOF, T130N14TOF, T130N16TOF, T130N18TOF, T160N12TOF, T160N14TOF, T160N16TOF, T160N18TOF, T178N12TOF, T178N14TOF, T178N16TOF, T178N18TOF, T218N12TOF, T218N14TOF, T218N16TOF, T218N18TOF, T221N12TOF, T221N14TOF, T221N16TOF, T221N18TOF, T298N12TOF, T298N14TOF, T298N16TOF, T298N18TOF, T345N12TOF, T345N14TOF, T345N16TOF, T345N18TOF, T358N12TOF, T358N14TOF, T358N16TOF,
T358N18TOF, T370N12TOF, T370N14TOF, T370N16TOF, T370N18TOF, T378N12TOF, T378N14TOF, T378N16TOF, T378N18TOF, T388N12TOF, TT425N16KOF, TT570N16KOF, TT459N24TOF


* PEP is not a representative or authorized distributor of EUPEC and this site is not associated with EUPEC  in any way. PEP do not intend to mislead or confuse anyone to believe that it is officially affiliated with EUPEC.   In general we offer compatible substitutes to the mentioned part numbers. As exception we can also offer the original parts as we have a large stock of old components.